The project

Disaster protection and prevention requires people who volunteer and take on tasks for society; as first-aiders at sports events, as carers for older people or as helpers in the case of natural disasters at home and abroad. Volunteering is not just giving; aid organisations such as the Red Cross, the Malteser Hilfedienst and the Federal Agency for Technical Relief are places of learning. They offer attractive vocational and further training, which are also recognised qualifications outside of the voluntary work.

In almost all EU countries, migrants have been under-represented in aid organisations until now, even though they make up a large and constantly growing part of the population. This is not so much because of a lack of interest in volunteering, but is often rather because of cultural barriers or a lack of information.

This is where PROTECT comes in: our aim is to open up new informal educational offers for people with a migrant background and to support the aid organisations in the intercultural opening and acquisition of members. We are working with an ambassador approach, which has already proven to be effective in many BGZ projects.

Our partnership includes nine administrations and NGOs in four countries. The Berlin Senator for the Interior and Sport, Frank Henkel, has taken on the patronage for PROTECT.
Known personalities are supporting us as mentors.

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