PROTECT is runnning from October 2011 until September 2014. During this time we are implementing seven work packages:

1. Analysis of good practice in the partner countries

How can migrants be acquired for the participation in voluntary work, how can access to educational offers of the aid organisations be strengthened? In the first stage we are examine which approaches have proven to be effective in the participating countries, why these approaches were successful and whether they can be transferred.

2. Development of training material for the ambassadors

We are designing a programme to train potential ambassadors and preparing tailored training material. In the development of training materials, we consider the specific needs of different migrant communities, which result from the consultations with the target group in the analysis phase.

With active support from our mentors, we address potential ambassadors, who then advertise the learning opportunities and opportunities to participate at the aid organisations in their communities.

3. Training for ambassadors

In a series of workshops made up of modules, we are preparing the ambassadors for their tasks. The ambassadors should be able to impart the gained knowledge in an understandable and interesting way, adapted to the target Group – to people with a migration background. Intercultural training and presentation techniques are also imparted, as well as knowledge about the structure, special services and divisions of disaster protection and prevention and prerequisites for taking on voluntary work. The workshops will be implemented in Berlin, Vienna and Mataró/Barcelona at the same time. Successful participation will be certified with a certificate.

4. Intercultural opening of the aid organisations

We are consulting and assisting the aid organisations in increasing the appeal of their educational offers, to be set-up as orientated towards the needs of the target group, be culturally-aware and to become more intercultural. We are offering employees of the aid organisations training for the acquisition of intercultural skills.

5. Pilot actions for migrants

In Germany, Austria and Spain, we are implementing a series of pilot actions for the acquisition of migrants for voluntary work by the trained ambassadors. With support from the operative partners, the ambassadors organise various information events, at which they present the opportunities to volunteer at the aid organisations involved in disaster protection and prevention. At the same time, they inform the migrants about the aid organisations’ educational offers and show them new career perspectives, which the participation in the aid organisations’ training brings with it. Interested migrants will be integrated in the educational offers of the aid organisations and will be supported intensively.

6. Extending European networks

The topic acquisition of migrants for voluntary work is relevant EU-wide. Our partnership includes four countries; together we work on solutions. The partnership is extended by policy-makers from politics and administration, who advise the project on the implementation, and actively support the project activities. To this end, a regular information and experience exchange takes place – e.g. at the partnership transnational meetings and through participation in national and European conferences. The contacts are documented in network lists. At the same time, the extended networks support the exchange of European good practice.

7. Policy recommendations

In order for the results of PROTECT to be sustainably used and also implemented in other countries, we are elaborating policy recommendations. They summarize the results of the project and formulate recommendations for the policy decision-makers, as well as for those responsible for education.